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Opt-in public datasets

Synoptic aggregates and distributes earth observation data shared with us from hundreds of global partners. Many of these partners share data with us publicly, which means it is automatically available for any customer within their service boundaries (e.g. spatial and archive access).

Some of the public datasets we aggregate are more complex for use, such as high spatial density with very low observation frequency. These datasets complicate how the data are used, and as a result we do not include them by default in your data requests. These datasets remain fully available as all public data from Synoptic, but you will need to ask us to include them in your responses before you can use them.

Exploring opt-in datasets

Synoptic public data viewer applications contain all datasets, including opt-in, so you can use those to explore the data available. Using this insight you can make a careful decision about whether accessing a given opt-in public dataset is in the interest of your data application.

Opt-in networks are not visible in availability applications, and may not be available for data download. You can contact us if you have questions about a dataset not being available in a public data application.

How to request access

If you evaluate the available opt-in datasets and would like access to one or more, simply contact us requesting the dataset you wish to access.

Available opt-in datasets

Click the dataset name to learn more about it, and why it is available as opt-in only.


Network ID

Spatial distribution




United States

1-minute reduced-precision reporting from ASOS (which does not include US AWOS stations) locations.



United States

Stream gauges, spatially dense hydrological dataset.



North America

Manual precipitation observations by individuals. Most reports are daily totals,-7623,2?network=262&status=ACTIVE




Legacy dataset provided by countries around the globe. Resolution commonly 6 hourly, sometimes as high as 1 hour.

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