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How report percentage is calculated

The NMP monitoring dashboard displays a commitment compliance as a function of the number of reports received from the network compared to the total number of reports expected from that network. 

Reports (also known as "observations") are considered a unique timestamp for conventional surface monitoring platforms, and may be aggregated into timed chunks around 5 or 10 minutes depending on network for platforms which report different variables at different timestamps.

This means that your total monthly contribution percentage is not a function of how many stations were available, either in the month or on any given day, or the network availability metric (which was the standard prior to 2021).

When viewing the NMP Partner Dashboard, the total reports percentage is the average of the daily reports percentage bar graph values. So when those go down, the total percentage goes down. If issues are suspected with these calculations you are encouraged to use the feedback form on the NMP application. 

Expected reports

Expected reports are directly derived from the expected reporting frequency from the platform. If this information is provided as part of the network commitment metadata, then that is used, otherwise we will estimate an expected reporting frequency from existing data. Providers are encouraged to contact us if the expected frequency for any station is inaccurate. 

Impact from uneven distribution of reports

Because the total number of reports from a month is the primary factor, a network where all the stations report on the same frequency will (with caveats) be consistent between the daily availability of stations, and the total report percentage. However if a network has some stations which contribute more observations to the total than others, this will skew the importance of those higher-resolution stations to your total contribution, and losing one of those will more substantially impact the performance statistics. 

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