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Trial access

When you sign up to access Synoptic services, you may be automatically activated on a 14-day trial at the service level you signed up. This is indicated in the customer console ( in the “Access” section of your customer profile.


During this trial you will be able to try out our products to see if they may be right for you.

Enterprise (All-use) users/trials

If you signed up for an enterprise trial, or if we determine you are better suited to enterprise agreements, we will reach out to you in a few days to help set up the best access that suits your needs. At this time if you appear to be eligible under our Open Access or other domain service levels, we will adjust your access.

Open Access and other trials

If you signed up as a customer for a specific domain or Open Access, once we have verified the information you provided in the sign up process, your trial will automatically be converted to permanent access. You will be informed when this happens. We may contact you to verify information you provided in the sign up process during this period.

Viewer and web application trials

If you signed up specifically to use our Viewer tool, or other public web applications, you may not have started a trial. In this case your account has no access to our data services, and you are able to start a trial manually via the link presented to you in the customer console at any time. Once you start a trial, the Enterprise and Open Access/Other trial guidelines will apply from that time.

What happens when my trial ends?

After your trial period, if you have not made further arrangements or been made permanent with the access you have, your access will convert to our basic access, which still includes enhanced functionality in our web-based products. Any API credentials you created will no longer be able to interface with our data services, however.

You can reach out to us at any time at to discuss further options. However to prevent abuse we do not generally permit an additional trial for the same customer.

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